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Kaitlyn Hosier

March 11, 2022

02/20/20 my sweet liver donor saved my life. I will forever be grateful for the

Joel Penhallegon

January 24, 2022

I wanted something other than the standard issue license plate design. This was chosen, being

Tammy Trahan

August 18, 2021

My plates are to honor my daughter. She was a beautiful young woman who was

Karla Stallbaum

August 18, 2021

I had a kidney transplant November 17, 2017. After being on dialysis for 3 years

Pat & Shellie Heath

August 16, 2021

These plates are in honor of our daughter Holly. Holly passed away 15 days after

Lori Pruitt-Olson

July 27, 2021

This plate is for my husband/best friend/soulmate of 30+ years who died suddenly in March

Jill Moss

July 6, 2021

This is my husband Brian – who is a kidney transplant recipient! He received his

Zachariah Osburn

June 26, 2021

These plates are in honor of my late wife who passed away in May of