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Registering as a Donor

800,000 Nebraskans have registered as organ and tissue donors, pledging to help others at the time of their death. But the need is still great. More than 110,000 Americans are waiting for a lifesaving transplant.

In Nebraska, anyone age 16 and over can register as a donor; there are no medical or age restrictions.

Here’s how you can help.

No matter how you register, all registrations are maintained in one database by Live On Nebraska. If you’ve registered in more than one way, your latest registration will serve as your official registration.

What it Means to be a Registered Donor

With so many people in need of a transplant, every opportunity to help is crucial. Registering as a donor leaves no room for doubt. By making your decision official through registration, you control the outcome. This means:

*If a registered donor between the ages of 16-18 passes away and is eligible for donation, parental approval is required.

I’m Registered. Now What?

You’ve taken the important step of registering, now it’s time to let others know. Sharing your decision with those closest to you will help give them peace of mind and eliminate any surprises down the road. Your family will play an important role in supporting your decision and providing information that affects the outcome of your donation.

Do I Need a Donor Card?

If you register as an organ and tissue donor at the DMV, a small red heart will be placed on your driver’s license indicating you are a registered donor. You can use this as a way to talk with your loved ones about your decision. However, a heart on your driver’s license or other registration card is not needed. We verify registration on all potential donors at the time of their death.

Changing or Updating Your Registration

You can update your registration anytime right here on our website.