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At Live On Nebraska, we strive to be an elite leader and transformative voice in advancing donation, while providing organs and tissues for all those in need. We can’t do this without people — people who have a passion for saving lives and honoring the donors who give selflessly to help others.

Each of our teams play an essential role in saving and enhancing lives through donation.

The Clinical Services team screens patients for organ donation eligibility and provides direct patient care during the donation process.

The Tissue Services team also screens patients for donation eligibility and has hands-on involvement in the recovery of tissues and organs.

The Family Services team provides support to the family members of our donors during and after the donation process.

The Quality team makes sure we do everything by the book to ensure patient safety and to maximize the gift of donation.

The Hospital Services team works with our hospitals and other referral partners to ensure the donation process runs smoothly.

The Finance and HR team keeps the organization running efficiently, taking care of our employees and making sure the bills get paid.

The Surgical Services team manages the organ donation surgery and performs organ preservation and packaging, as well as recovery of organs for research.

The Marketing & PR team works to increase awareness about the importance of donation and provides education throughout the state.

The Communication Services team receives and processes donation referral calls and talks with donor families about the opportunity for tissue donation.


Our team is our greatest asset, and compensation is more than just a paycheck. We offer a comprehensive benefits package designed to take care of you while you’re taking care of those who help us save and enhance lives. Here are just a few of the perks we offer:

Start planning your next getaway with paid time off that begins accruing with your first paycheck.

Live On Nebraska pays up to 90% of our employees’ health insurance premiums.

Keep expanding your knowledge and opportunities with company-paid tuition reimbursement.

We make it easy to save for your future by offering above-average retirement contributions.

Our wellness program will help you maintain the right balance of good physical and mental health and reward you for being active.

Birthdays are a big deal. We celebrate yours with a birthday holiday (a bonus PTO day).

Current Openings

Imagine starting each day knowing you play a part in saving and enhancing lives. At Live On Nebraska, every day is an opportunity to make a difference in the lives of donor families and individuals waiting for a transplant. Our current open positions are listed below.

Clinical Coordinator

Work with our medical team to carry out organ donation for transplant, medical research and education. The ideal candidate should be a registered nurse, respiratory therapist, paramedic/EMT or have prior experience working in an OPO.

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Donation Coordinator

Use your interpersonal skills to guide families through the tissue donation process, offer opportunities for tissue and eye donation and notify families of the donor’s registry status. Donation Coordinators also communicate with coroners, funeral homes, hospitals and other internal departments.

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