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Donation Myths

We Can All Make a Difference

Despite differences in backgrounds, life experiences, age, health, appearance or lifestyle, anyone over the age of 16 can register to be an organ and tissue donor. Misinformation and myths, however, are common. Here are some of the reasons we frequently hear for not registering as an organ, tissue and eye donor.

Myth: I’m too old to donate.

People of all ages can be donors. Thankfully so, because people of all ages need organ and tissue transplants.

Myth: My health condition won’t allow me to donate.

We understand why people are cautious after they’ve battled medical issues, but we’re happy to say you can still register as a donor even with a lengthy medical history. Every potential donor is thoroughly evaluated, and their medical history is reviewed prior to donation to ensure the safety of all recipients.

Myth: I’ve been too hard on my body.

While we encourage everyone to make safe and healthy choices, the use of alcohol, tobacco and drugs does not keep you from becoming a donor. Before transplant, we test all donated organs and tissues to make sure they are undamaged and safe for the recipient.

Myth: My family will have to pay extra for donation.

All expenses associated with the donation of organs and tissues are covered by Live On Nebraska. Funeral costs and hospital care prior to donation, however, are not covered by the donation organization.

Myth: My religion doesn’t support donation.

Nearly all major religions support donation today, but we recognize that a person’s faith and their decision to register as a donor are two very personal matters. We recommend talking to a religious adviser or reading UNOS’s theological perspectives on donation if you have questions or concerns.

Myth: If I’m a registered donor, doctors won’t work as hard to save me.

Doctors, nurses and paramedics have a mission to save lives. Donation is only considered when all efforts to save a life have been exhausted.

Myth: I can’t have an open-casket funeral if I’m a donor.

Live On Nebraska works with the donor’s family to ensure their final wishes are honored. An open-casket funeral is almost always possible after donation.

Fact: There’s so much hope you can give.

Someday, someone in need will be forever thankful. Register to be an organ and tissue donor.