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Our Donation Community

Working Together to Save & Heal

Transformation cannot be accomplished alone. Only through teamwork, integrity and trust does healing become possible.

Several organizations in Nebraska work together to make the gift of life possible and encourage individuals to donate life. Each organization plays an important role in honoring the wishes of organ, tissue and eye donors and providing hope and healing to recipients in need.

Our job as Nebraska’s OPO (organ procurement organization) is to facilitateĀ the recovery of all organs and tissues from deceased donors and care for donor families. We also maintain the Donor Registry of Nebraska.

The state’s largest transplant center, Nebraska Medicine cares for patients in need of liver, intestine, kidney, pancreas, heart, and lung transplants. Nebraska Medicine also evaluates living donors for living kidney and liver transplants.

Childrenā€™s Hospital & Medical Center is a transplant center providing care for children in need of heart transplants.

In Nebraska, eye and corneal donation is facilitated by the Lions Eye Bank of Nebraska.

In addition to facilitating donation and transplantation, these organizations work together to improve donation and transplantation rates in Nebraska, encourage individuals to register as donors and consider the option of living donation. We also collaboratively host events throughout the year celebrating the gift of life.