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Nebraska donors celebrated during National Donate Life Month

April 15, 2022

Throughout the month of April, we’re sharing the impact of donors throughout Nebraska. The combined gifts of ten featured donors saved and healed more than 1,000 lives in 40 states. From lifesaving organ transplants to restored sight, mobility and confidence, these donors represent the spectrum of healing made possible by the decision to donate life.

Anne Juarez

Anne was an ER nurse, entrepreneur, baker and her daughters’ loudest cheerleader. Mom to Ashton, Bayley and Devan, Anne was a pilar of strength and an endless source of love, kindness and generosity to friends and strangers alike.

Read Anne’s Story

Bailey Williams

Bailey lived life with steadfast bravery and positivity. She was born in 2000 with Aperts Syndrome, a chromosomal defect that inhibits normal bone development in the cranium, hands and feet. That didn’t stop her from writing, collecting purses, and staying active with swimming and martial arts. She traveled to Europe, Washington D.C., Florida and Canada, and enjoyed a good plate of pasta with a cold glass of chocolate milk.

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Joe Lott

Joe was one of a kind. The father of three was known for his smile, jokes and unique personality. A welder at Kawasaki, Joe also enjoyed riding motorcycles, fixing cars and painting.

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Kathi Hassel-Strom

Kathi had a smile that could brighten any room. She was a surgical technologist at Methodist Health System and generously gave her time, love and attention to her patients, coworkers and family. Kathi enjoyed cheering on the Huskers and cooking for her five children.

Read Kathi’s Story

Kyle Wolinski

Kyle was a family man, business owner and the guy you went to if you needed something fixed. He was married to his high school sweetheart for 34 years and often gifted the ones he loved with nicknames. Kyle loved his family, traveling to Mexico, country music and tinkering in his shop. He enjoyed working with his old cars and was a gifted mechanic and fabricator.

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Makayla Linder

Makayla was a strong-willed, single mother, determined to make the world a better place. Makayla loved spending time outdoors with her two sons and extended family and friends. She worked as a CNA and looked forward to continuing her nursing career.

Read Makayla’s Story

Michaela Kirkebak

Michaela was known for her kind heart. She was a wife and mother of two and was also beloved by hundreds of children at the dance studio where she worked for many years. She found joy in photography and loved cheering on the Husker football team.

Read Michaela’s Story

Sara Steiner

Sara loved life. A successful medical recruiter for RTG Medical, she was known and loved for her smile and infectious personality. Sara enjoyed spending time with family and friends, music, traveling and golfing. Above all, she loved being a mom to her daughter, Zooey.

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Toby Arneson

Toby was the youngest member of the Arneson family. He enjoyed playing video games, working in the garden and doing lawn work. Toby was a custodian at the University of Nebraska and took pride in keeping things clean and in good repair. Toby liked animals, especially the family’s pet dogs. He routinely studied information about animals and could recount obscure facts that he had read or heard about on Animal Planet. Toby looked forward to seeing his nieces when they came for visits.x

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