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Anne’s gift: Kindness and generosity live on through organ and tissue donation

March 28, 2022

Anne Juarez was an ER nurse, entrepreneur, baker and her daughters’ loudest cheerleader. Mom to Ashton, Bayley and Devan, Anne was a pilar of strength and an endless source of love, kindness and generosity to friends and strangers alike.

Anne impacted 63 lives when she became a donor hero in 2014. Recipients in 19 states have been saved or healed by Anne’s decision to register as an organ and tissue donor.

Anne’s gifts of organ and tissue donation have restored the health and quality of life for people of all ages. Recipients have healed from severe bone fractures, spinal surgeries and sports injuries. Anne’s liver gave a grandmother precious time with her four sons and seven grandchildren. Two others recipients lead more productive and rich lives through the gift of sight.

Anne’s daughters say her donation reflected her generous spirit, and they knew, without a doubt, that she would have wanted to continue to share the gift that was her life.

“Mom’s donation meant that a piece of her would live on, that she would be able to still, positively impact the world. We are so proud to know that there are people living, because of her, a richer and longer life.”



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