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Display in honor of Ryan Post encourages others to be organ donors

November 6, 2020

Ryan Post was known for inspiring others to be the change they wanted to see in the world. 

Not only did she inspire others during her 13 years of life, but she’s continuing to do so now — three years after her passing. 

A butterfly mural featuring Ryan and the ways she’s making a difference in the world was recently installed at Cheer Xpress in Lincoln. 

Ryan was a cheerleader at Cheer Xpress for five years. It was her second home.

“She never wanted to leave and would stay after practice to keep trying her skills ‘one more time,'” said Ryan’s mom, Colleen. “With hundreds of students and their families passing through the doors at Cheer Xpress yearly, we knew the mural would become a great addition to inspiring the kids to be the change they want to see in the world. Just like Ryan did.”

The butterfly was part of an interactive philanthropic movement founded by Tasha Wahl. She states, “I have a fledgling idea, of how I want to be the change, and hopefully set into motion molecules of hope, that will set into motion molecules of faith, that will set into motion molecules of love.”

Tasha knew that through small, contagious acts of generosity, the world could become a better place.

Inspired by Gandhi’s call to “Be the change you want to see in the world,” the Butterfly Effect Movement was launched in 2013.

“After reading about The Butterfly Effect I knew I had to keep the movement going as well as a way to honor Ryan and promote awareness for organ donation,” Colleen said.

Through collaboration with Revolution Wraps, Colleen was able to design a mural that reflects Ryan, her personality and her impact on the world.

The owner of Revolution Wraps, Don Dolan, has a daughter who is a coach at Cheer Xpress. He understood that cheerleading was not just a sport or activity but a community that becomes family, Colleen said.

Ryan’s Butterfly installation is an art project designed to promote positive community change, Colleen said.

“By harnessing the impact of social media and joining that energy with the contagious generosity of people throughout the world, we can bring real and lasting change that, over time, will grow into beautiful waves of philanthropy.”

When someone visits Ryan’s Butterfly mural, they will take a picture with the butterfly and post on social media using the hashtags on the plaque. Then they will text the picture to (978) 403-0114 with their name and the charity of their choice. A donation will be made by The Butterfly Effect in their name to that charity and they will receive a confirmation text.

“Don even came up with the idea of putting a cheer bow instead of antennas so when people stood in front of it the bow was on top of their heads,” Colleen said. “We wanted it to be fun but also teach students about the dangers of distracted driving as well as the importance of organ donation.”

Just like Ryan, you can be the change you wish to see in the world by register as an organ, tissue and eye donor today.



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