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Zachary Tharnish

Our son Zach died on Feb 1, 2012 from a car accident. He had a head injury but no internal injuries or broken bones.
From a young age, he talked about organ donation and giving was in his nature.
He donated blood and was growing his hair out to donate. He had organ donation marked on his license as soon as it could be. Zach would ask people if they were donors and share the importance of it, so needless to say, we knew as a family it was what we had to do.
Six organs went to five different men who were all fathers. His heart, both kidneys, pancreas, liver and one lung. We have close relationships with two of the men. One from as far away as Minnesota. I pray every day for them and every day ask God to lead the heart recipient to us. He is the only one we haven’t had communication of any kind from.
I have been told all but one of the kidney recipients are doing great and the organs are functioning as planned. The one kidney failed three years after transplant for the recipient. It is heartwarming knowing my son made a difference in these people’s lives and gave them more time with their families as Zach was all about his family.
Chrystal Tharnish, Zach’s mother