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Yazbek Gomez-Sosa

Bek was a very loving and kind person, he worked very hard and his priority and motivation was always his family.

Bek graduated from Central High School in 2008, he was extraordinarily intelligent and always stood out with his first-place prizes, medals of honor, and scholarships for his excellence in grades and behavior. He continued his university education and various professional careers in administration, the restaurant industry, banking, in CNA care, and in transportation of the elderly for Beautiful Life. He was also a volunteer for Habitat for Humanity similarly to when he participated in community outreach activities for Herbalife.

He loved outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, fishing; he loved nature. He delighted in even the smallest flower that hid under the shade of a trunk. His favorite excursions were by the shore of a lake, or a river accompanied by his family.

He always liked adventure, making others smile and having fun wherever he went. He would make sure everyone was comfortable and enjoying themselves.

His way of being was always focused on helping others. He marked and continues to mark a difference, even in the afterlife, through organ donation. Bek continuously sacrificed himself for others and the impact he left on this world will be felt for an eternity as he inspired family, friends, the gay, transgender and Latino community who know his story. His continued legacy is as a beautiful humanitarian.