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Verle Finke

Verle loved his family. He was so proud of his kids.

He worked at Nebraska Public Television for 40+ years, spent many hours restoring our old farmhouse and flew a hot air balloon.

Verle loved to travel. We visited New Zealand, England, Ireland, Scotland, Denmark, Sweden, Canada as well as many places in the US.

Had a great sense of humor and also told you what he thought.

Our favorite quality of his was that he cared-he cared about his family, he cared about his church, he cared about his work. He gave 100% to those things he cared about.

Verle’s donation helped us make sense of losing him. We know he would do anything to help a stranger, friend or family.

Although I knew that Verle had indicated he was willing to be an organ donor that didn’t cross my mind until the hospital asked if we would consider it. The process was so easy. The people from Live On Nebraska and Bryan Hospital were so helpful and made sure we got the information we needed and explained everything.

We are so proud that his gift has helped so many people, the ones who received transplants as well as the ones benefitting from research assisted by the non-transplant donations.