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Troy Buss

Troy was an adoring husband and father, an understanding employer, a caring friend, brother and son and the best son-in-law. His mantra was do what you love and do a lot of it and that was just what he was doing when he passed away.

The man worked hard at everything he did. We fed holstein bottle calves morning and night, tended to mama cows and their calves, fed out light weight steers to feeders all while working a full time job manufacturing pelletized limestone and farming. He felt guilty at times and would ask if I would think less of him if he went and sat in his chair in the evening, which everytime I told him, NO, he needed the rest.

Troy not only cared for his family but also for his community and this showed in the crowd who came to show their respects not only at his wake but the funeral.

Troy passed away suddenly after suffering a traumatic brain injury but the rest of his body was in peak shape.

My dad whispered to me while I was at Troy’s side if he was an organ donor as it didn’t dawn upon me to consider it. After discussing this option with my kids, we made the decision to donate all of his major organs.

The Live On Team was able to find matches for his heart, lungs, left and right kidney and liver. Even though many are grieving this huge loss, there is comfort knowing 5 families have a chance at life again and we pray all are healing and hope to meet them some day.

With all my love, Sharon Buss