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Toby Arneson

Toby was our youngest child. He had an older brother, Eric, and older sister, Petrina.

He lived his entire short life in Lincoln, Nebraska. After graduating from Northeast High School, he worked a short time in food service at Lincoln General Hospital. From there he got at job working the evening custodian shift at the University of Nebraska. He would work from 4 pm to 2 am at the Engineering College Buildings. He seemed to enjoy making things clean and in good repair. He was living at home yet and was saving his money for a house of his own.

Toby liked all animals especially the family pet dogs. He studied information about animals all of the time. If we were in a conversation, he could bring up an obscure detail that he had read about or heard about on Animal Planet.

He enjoyed playing video games and working in the garden and doing lawn work. Toby looked forward to seeing his nieces when they came for visits.

Toby was always willing to help when needed.

Having Toby’s organs donated to other people helps us feel that it is his way to aid other people in a way that he wasn’t able to because his life was cut short.

Bill & Linda Arneson, Toby’s parents