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Savannah Rae Cook

Savannah Rae Cook was best known for being our miracle baby.

She was diagnosed with a rare birth defect, occipital encephalocele, at our 20-week ultrasound. We were told that the chances of her making it through the pregnancy was unlikely. Surviving childbirth, even smaller. Living outside the womb, slim to no chance.

Our baby girl made it to 40 weeks and two days, made it safely into the world and her encephalocele was repaired, leaving her with anencephaly.

We got exactly two and a half years with Savannah! She was such a  bright light – smart, funny beautiful and sassy! Everyone who came across her loved her. She taught so many people patience, kindness, love and to slow down a little bit and enjoy all the moments.

She was and always will be our best friend, our first born and our angel.

Savannah was able to donate and gift both of her heart valves.

We love you too much, Bananas.