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Sara Steiner

My daughter was a donor. She was a person that once you met her you’d never forget her! She was taken from us way too soon, Sept 7th 2018. She was 18 weeks pregnant as well.

When I tell her/our story I make sure people know that there was a beautiful ending! She was able to help 93 people with her gifts! I was able to make contact with four of those who received her heart, liver, kidneys and lungs.

Hearing from them and knowing that they are able to live on because of her gifts made me have a much deeper understanding of just how important it is to be a donor! It’s one of the best and most important decisions a person can make! It gives a whole new meaning to that seemingly small check mark and little heart on a drivers license they are now HUGE and so very important!

I am so very proud of my HERO and the impact she was able to make in the lives she saved that day!

So many people feel that they wont have anything worth donating, so that is why its so important to share my story and to help educate those who may be on the fence. There are many things that can still be helpful to many people.

Tissue can be useful to help rebuild a knee when all other measures have been used. My daughter was part of two cancer studies which will hopefully help doctors in the fight to cure cancer.

My question to those who feel they are not sure is, ‘If you had the opportunity to help just one person to live on would you not want to give that gift?’

You CAN make a difference and become a HERO by giving the GIFT of LIFE!!!

Tammy Trahan, Sara’s mother