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Michaela Kirkebak

Michaela was an amazing woman.  She truly put everybody before herself. We were married for 18 years and had two kids.

She was an administrative assistant and worked at a dance studio for six years, taking care of the travel team which consisted of 120 kids from age 5 to 18. They all viewed her as “Mom”.

She always put everybody first. She also loved photography. She did that on the side. That brought her great joy. She loved the Huskers, especially football team.

Michaela had a very kind heart.  She would do anything for anybody.

Michaela and I talked very early in our marriage about organ donation and we were both were very passionate about it. Michaela struggled with health issues most of her life from as early as 14 until the day she passed away. Being able to help somebody else was who Michaela was.

It has brought our family joy to know that she was able to positively help so many people’s lives.

Todd Kirkebak, Michaela’s husband