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Michael Dean Lempka

Our Dad, Mike as everyone called him, was really a jack of all trades. He was an electrician his whole life, he learned from working under his own dad. Everywhere he worked he quickly worked his way to the top, cause he was just that good. He wasn’t scared to tell big time companies when they were in the wrong and something was unsafe. He even was head of a safety committee at one place.

He had 5 kids. My sister Shawna and I from a previous marriage, Nova and Vanessa which he adopted and then our little brother Blake, who he had with our amazing stepmom. I can’t believe how lucky we all got to have her in our lives. Dad did a great job picking her. Man did he love her. Never seen that kind of love before. I’m so grateful to have witnessed their relationship.

Dad used to take us to pick up trash off of minimum maintenance roads, highways and in town. He was worried animals might eat it or get injuries from it. I remember him stopping multiple times on busy roads to save snapping turtles, ducks, or birds. And adopting dogs and rescuing cats, you name it, he saved it. He also loved working on trucks. When I was growing up we built a 70s Ford together. Then he also worked on his Dodge truck with Nova, Nessa and Blake to teach them the basics and so on.

He was always busy helping, teaching, and loving everyone, making every place he went better before he left. It only makes sense he would be a donor too. He wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.

We Love You Dad, Love Brandilynn