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Laura Harrington-Criger

I was born with some genetic defects. I wound up with a very scary liver that decided to shut down suddenly.

I started to go into multi-organ failure and it was discovered that my liver looked like a 137-year-old’s! I didn’t drink much so this was a shock. I was placed on an organ transplant list. I was advised it would be a year and I thought I wouldn’t make it.

Through a series of miracles, I got a transplant. At the time of the operation, I wasn’t expected to make it another two weeks if I hadn’t had a transplant.

My donor was an 11-year-old girl. I can’t imagine that kind of loss for her parents. She can’t grow up, but she can grow up through me. In one of the photos I saw, she was wearing a supergirl costume. She really is my hero.

Now my liver functions are so boringly normal and it’s wonderful! I’m getting old and it’s delightful to say that!

Because of my experience I want to be an advocate. This is an important family discussion to have and it shouldn’t be kept in the shadows. It needs to be talked about openly. I can’t thank everyone involved with the organ donation process enough.