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Kyle Wolinski

Kyle came from a large family and always tried to take care of everyone. We were high school sweethearts and were married for 34+ years.  He was an active, hands-on dad.

He was an ornery prankster and gave everyone a nickname. You knew he loved you when he picked on you relentlessly. Kyle loved his family, traveling to Mexico, country music and tinkering in his shop. He was a super hard worker and business owner. He was the go-to guy to get things fixed. He enjoyed working with his old cars and was a wonderful mechanic and fabricator.

He swore like a sailor, hated having his picture taken and was a die hard Mopar fan.

My favorite quality about Kyle was that he was honest and sincere. He also came across as a gruff man, but had a super soft heart for those he loved.

I’m so glad that he and I talked about organ donation (even though at the time it was a lighthearted conversation) because it is what calms my sorrow for our loss of him on this planet. I am incredibly proud of the lives he touched and helped.

I am in contact regularly with one of Kyle’s recipients and we have met. Her life change, because of Kyle, is absolutely amazing and there are not words to explain how uplifting that is.  I wish there was a way to describe this exceptional experience my family had with the donation process, but it is not possible.

I will always be proactive regarding organ donation as it was truly an amazing ride!  We can literally say that part of Kyle is still here with us.