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Keith Chambers

Keith was the life of the party. If he knew you were having a bad day, he would do everything he could to change that.

Keith was a very energetic young child that enjoyed hanging out in the auto shop with his grandfather and harassing his aunt by messing with her things. His biggest joy was being a father to his 6-year-old daughter JaKayla. He loved her more than life.  He also loved spending time with his mother, siblings and grandparents.

He loved to play baseball and was a faithful Husker fan. Keith’s smile and sense of humor will be his most cherished memory.

Keith was a donor. He passed away August 23, 2018. I chose to donate to save some other people. It fit his character. We had talked about it before and I knew that if he could save someone, he would want to do that. He was a good kid.

It was one of my worst moments, and I wanted to turn it into one of my best moments. Giving life to someone else, giving someone a second chance, means that my son is still living on through other people.

He was able to donate his heart, both his kidneys, liver, and tissue. One of the recipients was able to have a baby, and as a mother myself, I love knowing that someone else got to experience motherhood because of my son.