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Kara Elliott

I’m a breast cancer survivor.

Almost eight years ago, my world became very, very narrow. Every day just felt like a struggle. Every day was filled with treatments and side effects and fear.

When I finally got to the “other side”, when I got to the end of my treatment, I honestly felt a little lost. I felt different. I felt beat up. I felt happy and yet sad. What I really, really wanted – more than anything in this world – was just to feel like myself. To look like myself…that self that I knew before cancer.

I had a double mastectomy, so I was physically different. I had been taken apart and sewn back together. I felt scarred. I felt ugly. I felt less than whole.

But then this beautiful thing happened. I had breast reconstruction and received donated skin grafts.

A beautiful soul out there donated their skin. And that donation made a huge difference in my life. My donor helped me heal emotionally. My donor helped me feel whole. My donor helped me to really begin thriving.

So I just want to say thank you – thank you to all the donors and their families. Thank you for your selflessness and love, for your sacrifice and understanding. Your thoughtfulness is helping survivors like me grow and thrive. And for that, I’m forever grateful.