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Jessica LoGrande

Jessica Jane we love you, we miss you something terrible. It has taken me days to sit and find the words for your donate life tribute, not because I have nothing to say. It’s because the words won’t form to perfectly match the life you lived. Jessica’s soul so sweet and her love so strong all she ever wanted was to help out in any way she could. Jessica had a passion for people and making sure everyone had what they needed. That goes for her choice to donate her organs if anything was to happen to her.

Jessica was a mother; she loved her children more than life itself. Jessica enjoyed rocking her children while she sang, their mother had the voice of an angel. Jessica understood importance of teaching her children how to have a relationship with the Lord. From each child’s birth to the last time she tucked her children in, Jessica and her children prayed together before bed. We hope Paxton and Paisley never forget how much their mother took comfort in sharing her relationship she had with the Lord.

Jessica loved being outdoors playing with her children sharing her hobby of fishing right along with her children. Many fond memories made with Jessica and her children spent at our parents’ home sharing meals, holidays, and birthdays, and sudden get-togethers.

Grandma and Grandpa loved having a house full with all six grandchildren watching and listening as they played.

My Mother was blessed with the life of Jessica Jane from the Heavens above, where she returned. Jessica loved to help mom in the kitchen cooking, giggling, and sharing secrets. The pair quickly learned in my sister’s adult years a daughter becomes a mother’s best friend. Such a special bond the two shared that no one could ever break; the love between a mother and her daughter, something so beautiful and strong, only if you carried the bond of a mother and her daughter than you would know the pain our mother’s heart is filled with. No parent should have to say goodbye to their child; we find comfort knowing my sister has finally found the peace she desperately sought out to find during her time here on earth.

The life she lived blessed others as a gift. Happiness walked along side of her.

Jessica was my only sister who always kept me feeling safe. Jessica and I laughed each time we were together. We shared such a strong bond that couldn’t get any stronger. As young children we used humor to get through hard times, our fake England accent that we held full conversations in. We would lighten the mood as our mother figured out our monthly expenses by singing grocery ads from the Fremont newspaper, giggled about the way our mother hushed us from the kitchen table, these memories I will carry with me forever.

Jess loved music.

Jessica found her passion for music at such a young age, she was in the 2nd grade when she had her 1st solo. She played clarinet and sang in many church and school performances Jessica spent many of her teenager summers at the local church in Fremont NE spending hours working towards the many tours she took with Spoudazo. She spent several summers traveling to different states to sing in unknown churches.

Jessica was a wonderful Aunt to her 3 nieces. Jessica loved spending time with each of them. Laughter always filed the air when Auntie was around, laughing until our stomachs hurt every time Aunt Jessica was around.

Jessica was a helper, a supporter, a lover, and a survivor. She wore her heart on her sleeve with a smile. Jessica was everything a daughter, sister, mother, aunt and friend could have ever asked for. My sister would help anyone even without being asked, helping was her superpower to take charge without being asked. It did not matter what she was going through or facing in her life Jessica was a giver making sure everyone around her was alright.

It came to no surprise to my mother and I learning Jessica was registered donor, we locked eyes, tears flowing down, knowing just another blessing Jessica Jane’s life – was to end helping others. Jessica lived a life being loved by so many, she will be remembered by her heart of gold and the love, empathy, and compassion she held for everyone. We hope the recipients know we love each of you, life is so precious and dear. I remain positive that today you can feel the love Jessica had for life and see her gift as a blessing that you carry within. Everything happens for a reason, today we know Jessica’s life had so much more meaning.

By LiL Sis Jarren Breeling