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Eulish Moore

After four heart attacks and being placed on an LVAD, I became a heart transplant recipient on Aug 11, 2011. Since I received this gift, my life has been truly blessed. Physically and mentally, I received a new appreciation of life and what it had to offer. I was able to breath and become more active in life’s activities.

I went back to work at a facility where I could give back. I had the opportunity of working with homeless veterans for nearly 12 years. I became a mentor at the medical center for patients either getting an LVAD or heart transplant. I coached them and their families on what to expect post hospitalization. I am still a hospital volunteer. I have been available to help individuals with heart issues to share my story on a personal level.

This gift has no limits and I am truly grateful to my donor family.

Being a donor is one of the most selfless things a person can do. Numerous lives are affected with a donation from both living and post-life donors. One donor can assist over one hundred people waiting for a transplant. It is the gift that keeps on giving. I have been a listed donor for most of my life. I care and know that others do too. Do your part. Give a gift that will last beyond our memory!