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Edgar Reyes

Edgar had a big heart, always caring about others. He had a great love for everyone, even strangers.

Edgar loved the outdoors. He liked fishing, being outside and camping – everything that had to do with nature. He really liked being with family, with his parents and siblings. When he had his own family, he liked being with his two children and wife.

His favorite sport was boxing. Edgar was a boxer and wanted to have a career as an electrician.

Edgar had two brothers who, like him, dedicated themselves to boxing. Edgar and his older brother, José, began boxing when they were 9 and 7 years old at the Guadalupe Church Boxing. That example motivated the third younger brother, Jorge, to join them. When the coaches saw that the brothers were ready, the three took advantage and took part in competitions. Edgar was honored several times.

Edgar had unique talents; he was very fond of carpentry. He made porch swings, pet houses, benches, and wooden signs. He loved to carve wood and paint, only to then give his works to others.

Edgar was an excellent father. Edgar was caring, loving, and noble. He always wanted to do everything with his children.

His donation his given us much satisfaction. It was his dream to help his fellow man. He always told us that, if one day the opportunity to give an organ was presented to him due to a disease in the family, he would do it without a second thought.

Not everyone in our family knew about donation, but the gift Edgar gave was an eye-opener for them. Now they see what Edgar did as something beautiful. Many members of our family in Scottsbluff and in Durango, Mexico have signed up as donors. They could see that they too could do what Edgar did, impact the village.