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Bruce J. Jorgensen

When we first learned that I had cirrhosis of the liver, the doctor thought I might be able to live a somewhat normal life. But before long I started going downhill pretty fast.

My liver was failing and I knew I was going to die if I didn’t get a transplant. I had to give up my life’s occupation of farming and at that point I wasn’t really living but just barely moving about with daily activities. A liver transplant saved my life!

The transplant has changed me into a more grateful and kind person.

I’m more appreciative of the medical community and what they did for me. I’m also more understanding and compassionate toward others who are facing major health challenges.

At age 73 it was in the back of my mind “why should I even try to get on the list – they aren’t going to give me one anyway.”

I soon learned that was not the right way to think. Go through the evaluation, keep working on the process, don’t give up – it might happen just like it did for me. Prayers are answered.

Don’t take your organs to the grave when you can save people’s lives by donating.