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Brandon Huber

Brandon loved working on cars, remodeling our home, doing construction work.

But the most important aspect of his life was his children. Brandon and I had one child together. I had a child from a previous relationship, where he stepped in and help guide him into the young man he is today. He has two other children from a previous relationship as well.

Brandon and I were together for 12 years. We got married 12/31/2020 and he sadly passed on March 19, 2021.

Brandon was the kindest, most patient person. He was always willing to help anyone and always saw the good in people.

Brandon was truly my better half. He could always calm me down. Also Brandon had the most beautiful, amazing blue eyes!

Our son said that with the gift of life, it will help so many families not have to go through the loss of their loved one.

The experience with Live On truly helped me through losing my Husband. I had a person there to support me, and guide me through the process. I always felt like I was supported and informed of all the next steps.

Kayla Drummond, Brandon’s wife