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Boden Reischl

Boden was a bright shining soul. We always knew he was going to something big, we just didn’t realize it would be at the young age of 11.

After passing away suddenly, he became our biggest hero through his selfless donation.

We often refer to him as an “old soul” because he loved things that most kids didn’t. Boden was funny and could be found smiling all the time. He had a quick whit and impressive timing that could always bring a smile to any room. He was an avid reader and a straight-A student who was finishing his 5th grade year.

He could often be found playing softball in the yard with his big sister, playing Legos or drawing Pokémon characters with his little brother, or making his little sister laugh while playing Barbies with her.

Boden was always the kid in every photo that was smiling from ear to ear.

He kept a small group of great friends but everyone who was around him considered him a friend. Boden loved playing basketball and had just finished his first season of tackle football. He was an amazing boy who had a zest for life and we miss him dearly.

While we grieve, we also celebrate his donation and the fact that he was able to help others.