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Bailey Williams

Bailey was the youngest of five children in a blended family with one half-brother and three half-sisters that all doted on her.

She was born in 2000 with Aperts Syndrome, a chromosomal defect that inhibits normal bone development in the cranium, hands, and feet. Over her 17 years, she endured more than 20 corrective surgeries with steadfast bravery and positivity. After one particularly invasive surgery, her modified face was swollen and bruised in post-op when, seeing the look on her mother’s face, she offered words of comfort “I know I look different on the outside, but I’m the same on the inside.”

She was obsessed with containers, particularly backpacks and especially purses. She loved shopping at Charming Charlie’s because of their purse collection. She was sometimes adventurous, enjoying travels to Europe, Washington D.C., Florida, and several times to a cabin in Canada, her favorite vacation.  But she considered herself an “indoor girl”.

Her favorite interests were writing, swimming, and taekwondo and jiu-jitsu lessons. Her favorite food was any kind of pasta, with fettuccini alfredo at the top of the list.  If she could have chocolate milk with every meal, she’d be very happy.

When we were first approached about Bailey being a donor, we thought about the opportunity for her spirit to live on and the lives she would touch after her passing.

Those thoughts brought us tremendous comfort during that very dark period.  We did not hesitate to say Yes.