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Aidan Curry

Aidan loved trains and animals. He would hear a train in the distance, stop and say, “I hear sumfing. It’s a train.” then stand still and listen until it was no longer audible. He also loved nature and animals and would go out on explorations in our yard with his Uncle Chad who is a biologist and practice the scientific names for bugs, birds or any other creature they might come across.

He was very bright and inquisitive. He wanted as much information as you were willing to give him, and he always used it.


Sometimes he used his newly acquired information to charm someone into hanging out with him, but often he used to try and figure his way out of following rules!

We loved to read and go on walks. Aidan was a collector like his father and grandfather. He loved to grab a bucket and pick up items to add to his collection. I can’t tell you how many random rocks, leaves, sticks, and toys we found in special hiding places around the house months after he died.

Aidan would have chosen to donate. There was nothing more precious to him (other than trains) than friends. He would see unfamiliar children at a park and yell “Look mom, friends!” and would never hesitate to jump in and play. I know he would want to give the chance to play to others.

For us, donation was just the right thing to do. How selfish would it be of us to take away the opportunity for another family to help their child? We never considered it a choice — it was our responsibility to donate.

Aidan’s heart valves and corneas were donated. It has opened up a new community of people who are incomprehensibly brave and generous. From donors, families and recipients I continue to stand in awe of the selflessness and instinctual human connection I continue to learn about.