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Live On Nebraska grows by 20 and celebrates employee anniversaries

January 25, 2021

If you ask Communication Services Manager Donna Haney what her favorite part about working at Live On Nebraska is, she’ll tell you it’s all about the difference she and her fellow colleagues are making each and every day. 

“It is obvious everyone in this organization shares the same values and dedication to serving our donor families, honoring our donor heroes and supporting our partners.”

Donna Haney

Donna started her leadership position at Live On Nebraska in 2020 alongside Director of Finance Sarah Krick.

In addition to two new leadership roles being filled at Live On Nebraska, the organization also grew by 20 employees in 2020 and celebrated many significant anniversaries.  

Employees who celebrated 5 years of service:

  • Kara Cordell, Marketing and PR Manager
  • Shanetle Foster, Human Resources Specialist
  • Jamie George, Tissue Donation Coordinator
  • Kayla Mraz, Surgical Services Manager

Employees who celebrated 10 years of service:

  • Kyle Dorn, Donation Services Specialist
  • Tressa Splonskowski, Hospital Services Manager

Employees who celebrated 15 years of service:

  • Kyle Herber, President & CEO

Recruitment efforts also experienced a dynamic shift in 2020. A new applicant tracking system provided Live On Nebraska applicants a full mobile experience and immediate response times.

Additionally, Live On Nebraska focused on promoting its employee referral program.

“We understand the importance of building great teams and employees who see their referrals succeed are more engaged,” said Director of Human Resources Bryn Reed. “Our goal is not only to recruit but retain amazing team members!”

As we enter boldly into 2021, Reed said recruitment efforts will continue to exceed expectations.

“Although 2020 brought some challenges with COVID-19, the advancement and acceptance of remote workers has drastically elevated our ability to recruit talent that take us to another level,” she said. “Our efforts to bring in additional talent and expertise in all departments is only beginning!”



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