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A Glimpse of Hope:  Volunteer Carly Weld Shares Connection to Donation

August 10, 2023

Originally from North Dakota, Carly Weld recently moved from Texas to Nebraska to get back to her Midwest roots. As a volunteer engagement professional, Carly was looking for organizations to volunteer with in Omaha when she came across Live On Nebraska. The organization stood out to her because of her experiences with donation, both as a child of a recipient and a living donor. “It’s a mission that has helped me and I think that everyone can be a donor,” Weld said. 

In July 2011, Carly’s father received a kidney transplant. 

Growing up, Carly witnessed the difficulties of her dad being on dialysis because of his type 1 diabetes diagnosis. Over his lifetime, he developed many health problems, including kidney failure, which made him eligible for a transplant. After months of waiting for a transplant, a match was found. Carly was hopeful this kidney transplant would enable her father to live a better quality of life. 

Unfortunately, Carly’s father passed due to other complications shortly after receiving his transplant. Weld said, despite the unfavorable outcomes, her family was still very grateful to the donor and their family for the opportunity her dad had to receive a transplant.  

About two years later, Carly encountered donation once again, but this time from an entirely new perspective. Carly’s mother, Mary, decided to give the gift of donation as a living kidney donor in January 2013.  

Carly describes her mom as a giving and caring person, so although it was an extraordinary gift, it wasn’t out of the ordinary for her mom to give of herself to benefit another in need. After she donated, Carly was able to understand hope from the donor side as well.

 “You feel this sense of hope that your loved one can make a true difference and to save or enhance someone’s life.”

Carly sees her mother as a good example of how you can give and advocate for donation while you’re alive, even beyond the heart on your license. Mary is still healthy and thriving and gets to enjoy a normal life post-donation. She enjoys the little things in life, such as spending time with grandkids and attending their baseball tournaments on weekends. 

Carly continues to support donation by volunteering at Live On Nebraska events and telling her story. Carly described the power of storytelling as, “unlike anything else”. After hearing myths about donation, she knew she wanted to get out there and share her story to sway some opinions and motivate people to do great things. “I believe that storytelling from a real person and being able to identify with someone makes a real difference,” Weld adds.  

Help Carly spread the word on donation by registering here to volunteer with Live On Nebraska today!



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