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Champions for Life Organizational Endorsements

More than 90 percent of people support organ donation, but only about half have made their registration official.

Through a grassroots effort with the community—and organizations like yours—we can increase donor registration, save lives and reduce the transplant waiting list. We invite Nebraska businesses, churches, non-profits and other organizations who are committed to improving the health of our community to become Champions for Life organizational endorsers.

Your Commitment

As an organizational endorser, you’ll encourage your community to have open conversations about the life-giving benefits of organ and tissue donation and transplantation. That encouragement can lead to donor registrations that save and heal thousands of people each year.

Becoming an organizational endorser is a no-cost opportunity for organizational partnership and engagement. Champions for Life organizations pledge the following:

We support a community goal of increasing donor registrations by 5 percent in the next five years. Furthermore, we commit to a partnership with Live On Nebraska to help share the importance of organ, tissue and eye donation.

In addition, organizational endorsers will commit to at least one of the following educational opportunities:

  • Share a donation or transplantation story with your staff and outside community via email or a newsletter.
  • Subscribe to receive quarterly email updates with donation stories and more ways to stay involved.
  • Post or hang donation materials (provided by Live On Nebraska) at your office.
  • Share a social media post in support of donation (digital assets available from Live On Nebraska).
  • Schedule an educational presentation for your staff or community members.
  • Hold a donor registration drive virtually, in-person, or both.

What’s In It for You

Becoming an organizational endorser is a low-effort, high-impact way to show your organization’s commitment to caring for the community. In addition:

  • Your company logo will be featured on the Live On Nebraska website.
  • A photo or company logo, along with your reason for supporting donation, will be shared on LinkedIn.
  • Select two or more ways to get involved and you’ll be featured as a Community Champions of the Month in our monthly newsletter.

Sign Up to Become an Organizational Endorser

Complete the information below to get started as an organizational endorser.